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Select any 2 Throw Down Certified Bags and save $10


Carbon Speed Chart - 6-9

The newest addition to our lineup of bags featuring flat disk fill. This fill allows for a great in hand feel that still plays slinky around the hole.

This slow side material is perfect for the player looking for versatility. Mid-fast in speed, it is controllable enough to be used in the blocking and hole control game, while also being capable of moving up the board with speed and purpose and dripping into the hole.

On the other side of the bag, this is our most popular fast side material. This fabric is fast and stays fast. It tracks straight as an arrow with a knack for grabbing the hole. It excels at cutting through humidity, slipping into tight spaces, and pushing and bullying bags with ease.

Ignition 2.0 Speed Chart - 3-7

Featuring a carpet slow side with a speed of 3 and a new fast side fabric with a speed of 7, the Ignition 2.0 is the perfect bag for all skill levels. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, this bag is designed to help you master your game.

The Ignition 2.0 cornhole bag is engineered to perfection, allowing it to cut, flop and roll with ease. Its slow side provides just the right amount of control, while the fast side allows for controlled slides and pushes.. With this bag, you'll be able to execute all your favorite shots with precision and accuracy.


Spark Speed Chart  - 4-8

This bag is not like any other bag from Oktane Cornhole. With our new flat disk fill that allows for a great in hand feel that still plays slinky around the hole.

Featuring an 8 fast side that will slide in all conditions and a 4 slow side to allow for a multitude of different shots. This bag is one of our best all around bags for any thrower.