• Matt Pleil

Oktane Booster Program

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

Win with Oktane Bags or wearing an Oktane Jersey and get some Oktane for your next bag purchase!

ACL Regional Event win - 10% off - to a maximum of 50%

ACL Conference Event win - 20% off - to a maximum of 60%

ACL National Event win - Free Set of Bags + Free Oktane Jersey

Play on ESPN - Free Booster Pack + Free Oktane Jersey

Win on ESPN - $500 + Free Oktane Jersey + Free Booster Pack

To register your win, send us your Win picture to be featured in the Winners Gallery and a link to the bracket/standings for the event or the name of the event and make us do the work. :)

Send pictures and tournament info to

*Oktane Booster can only be used on the purchase of ACL approved cornhole bags.

*Multiple wins can add to your discount, but only up to the maximum amount listed.

*Oktane Cornhole has the right to reject any win based on any factor.

*If there is any issue or concern about a submission we will contact tournament directors for clarification

*Jerseys must be worn for duration of event.

*Bags must be used in at least the final 2 matches of the tournament.


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